Corporate Mission

We emphasize dynamic innovation and creative values in all our products & services. We pledge to strive for total quality and excellence as wood based company in Malaysia and beyond 


MIECO Chipboard Berhad was incorporated in 1972. Our plants are located in Gebeng and Kechau Tui, Pahang, Malaysia.

MIECO has successfully established itself as a market leader domestically in Malaysia and our products also reach US, Japan, Europe, Australia and others.

MIECO emphasizes the production of high quality Chipboards and value added wood based products.

Our professional team is committed to producing the highest standard of products and providing a higher level of service to our customers.

MIECO is becoming an increasingly eco-friendly responsible company and we have secured a signicant number Ecolabels because of our focus on becoming environmentally friendly.

We ensure that our products meet US CARB, European and Japanese environmental standards. MIECO’s designs and its environmentally friendly stature make it a preferred choice of top designers from Asia and Europe